Beyond Body Images

Beauty has no Brand Blog

CEO Sammy Mills created her own business blog that shares her personal stories and experiences with body image. Sammy struggled with anorexia for years.

Beauty standards has created a toxic diet cultural standard that we must fight back against. This blog has a variety of wellness activities and inspiring stories. Sammy chose to be vulnerable and honest about her struggles so others might do the same. 

She has recently chose to start featuring other peoples stories with mental health. To get yours featured scroll down and fill out the form! 

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Share your story so you can help others!

I encourage you to write your mental health or body image struggles in a post that with your permission I can post to the blog. I want to get as many perspectives as I can so this can not only be a website to promote the best version of humanity but your voice is able to be heard. We all have parts of ourselves we had to work on, and its beautiful to have a chance to know that your work could help so many others.

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