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Mission Statement

The mission of BBI is about giving back while spreading a message of love. We believe all bodies are created beautifully unique to who you are. We try and send a message of hope while giving 10% of Proceeds to charity for women and men struggle with mental health and/or body image.

CEO AND Founder of beyond Body Images Sa

Sammy Mills


 "Beauty has no brand," was created from my story and my truth. It is real and tangible and something I hope can resonate with you in some way. There is no flip of the switch that dissipates all our problems. What we can control is what we do with that pain. You alone can choose to turn it into something beautiful. Something strong and full of life. I used to be shy saying I was an empath, afraid I wouldn’t be taking it seriously. The knowledge I have gained and the more time I have spent just standing still with who I am, the more clear it was how amazing my gift could be. 



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