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Beyond Body Images was a brand built to find universal love by changing the masses in teaching practical and valuable resources through human design.

It is not just a human design chart that makes up a person is their experiences in this lifetime that condition us most of all. My biggest goal is to help clients realign with their true form and create space for them heal. 

I struggled with anorexia, depression and anxiety for many years. Yet as I have healed I have learned to take that pain and transform into my purpose and message to the world that you are not alone and there is hope. 

As a Human Design Specialist my goal is to get you back to the authentic version of who you truly are. 

I will be there as a guide to help with mental health issues or blocks you may be experiencing in your life. 

I want to take a journey with you into your unique roadmap to success and tranquility.  

Sammy Mills

Human Design Specialist/CEO

Non Profit JR Board Member for MOEDA